Episode 29 - Bakon Vodka

Drunk Monkeys - Episode 29 - Bakon Vodka.

Jen and Erica try Bakon, the bacon flavored vodka. A Michelada, which Erica mentions, is beer, lime juice, and tomato juice. We like to substitute bloody mary mix for the tomato juice, for a bit of a kick.

Don't forget that this upcoming Wednesday is the first live Drunk Monkeys episode-taping, as part of the Chicago Women's Funny Festival. The show will be on Wednesday, June 6th at 10pm at Stage 773. Tickets to the show are $12 and available online at www.stage773.com and at the Stage 773 box office at 1225 W. Belmont Ave. If you can't make the show, the episodes will eventually be released online here, but c'mon!

Jen and Erica are taking suggestions for liquors to try at drinks@drunkmonkeyshow.com and on Twitter at @drunkmonkeyshow.